Project Charter and Team Building

Ready, set, kickoff! Your project starts here, with support and goal setting from a team with the experience to keep you on track.
Project Charter and Team Building

The Goals

First things first, we’ll work with you to set actionable and tangible goals to define your project’s success.

The Team

Let’s identify the teams needed to achieve goals, assign duties and lead the initial kick-off.

The Progress

We’ll take stock of your progress with a balanced scorecard to measure the project’s progress.
  • In Greek culture, when you enter a new home they believe you should always enter the doorway using your right foot to bring good fortune. A little overkill? Probably. But when it comes to your projects, getting off on the right foot (figuratively, of course) is crucial.

    In this engagement, we’ll first think about your overall goals. They should be clear. Obtainable. Tangible. And, most of all, accountable to specific members of the team. If this all sounds daunting, no worries – we will we will partner with you every step of the way as we get your project set up for success.

    Once you’re off and running, we’ll also develop scorecard to help you measure your progress throughout.

  • This project is based on research and analysis, targeted to your unique project. Travel is included – we’ll plan to spend a total of 3.5 days on your campus for on-site interviews. Any travel outside of this timeframe will incur an additional fee.

    A project charter engagement begins with an on-site, goal-setting workshop, which occurs during approximately 2.5 days on your campus. Here we’ll guide you through the process of framing your project or initiative as actionable goals with tangible and observable benchmarks to reflect progress.

    After the goal-focused workshop, we’ll identify the project teams you need to assemble and assign specific roles to members. Once a kickoff meeting is scheduled, we’ll come back on-site for a day to lead workshops where each project team develops action steps needed to reach the team’s goals.

    Once the project is officially kicked off, we’ll create a project charter and scorecard to help you recap your objectives and stay on track. A project charter outlines the goals, project teams and action items needed to successfully complete your initiative. A scorecard will help measure progress toward your goals, and will be helpful for you to use as a reference throughout the remainder of the project.

  • After the completion of this engagement, we’ll provide you with:

    • A project charter, which provides your leadership with a clear outline of the goals, action items to reach those goals and the teams and people responsible.
    • A scorecard, which serves as a benchmark to measure progress toward your goals every step of the way.

    We’ll also schedule a one-hour virtual meeting to walk through our findings and answer any questions you may have, prior to coming back to campus.


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Project Charter and Team Building

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Project Charter and Team Building