Decision Validation

When you’re immersed in a challenge, it can be hard to gain perspective. We’ll provide that and more, from the outside in.
Decision Validation

The Answers

Let us help you gain new insights from an external perspective when confronting your questions.

The Validation

Backed by proven research and data-driven decisions, we can validate your thinking in new ways.

The Presentation

In order to reinforce the validation, we’ll share our findings in a compelling presentation.
  • When you’re at a point where you have to choose a path forward, there’s always a threat lurking – decision bias. This bias can be so deeply embedded in an institution you may not even realize it – like a sneaky piece of spinach you discover in your teeth after the big meeting.

    We’re the team that’ll tell you when there’s spinach in your teeth. But we’re even happier to shout it from the rooftops (to, ahem, your leadership) when you don’t. And we’ll help you factor this threat out of the equation by using our dozens of years of industry experience in Continuing Education to help you evaluate a major decision. This engagement is focused around looking at a question or proposal and exploring whether or not it has merit or may need further adjustment.

    Or sometimes we know that you just need someone to be there for you to say, “I had a group of experts review this and the agree.”

  • This project is targeted to your unique question or proposal that needs validation. Travel is included – we’ll plan to spend about 2.5 days on your campus for on-site interviews. Any travel outside of this timeframe will incur an additional fee.

    A validation engagement begins with gathering as much information as possible from you and your team using a strategic process honed by our team during dozens of years as deans and directors in Continuing Education. As part of this process, we’ll have a leadership meeting to gain a high-level perspective. We’ll then conduct 1-on-1 meetings with all necessary stakeholders to make sure we can begin our research with as much information as possible.

  • After undergoing our proven research and analysis as part of the validation process, we’ll provide you with a presentation that includes:

    • A comprehensive review of your current state, along with our findings and validation regarding your proposed path forward

    • Strategic direction and recommendations on how to achieve your desired state

    This presentation typically occurs in person but can also be scheduled by phone at your convenience.

$13,650, plus travel.

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Decision Validation

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Decision Validation