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Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station selects SpurCG to broaden the reach of professional and continuing education

“In selecting a partner, we felt SpurCG was a good fit because of their deep knowledge in the niche area of adult and professional education. Additionally, the consultants have directed university-based professional education programs themselves, so they understand the environment, internal workings and external markets, from the inside out.” - Melissa Walden, Director, TEES EDGE

Announcement: ACHE Welcomes SpurCG as a President Level Sponsor

“It’s so valuable to our membership,” says Rick Osborn, ACHE Interim Executive Vice President,”when continuing educators like Meni and Guy can offer valuable insight on continuing education from the many colleges and universities they work with. We’re very pleased that they’re honoring their roots in ACHE and supporting the ACHE Annual Conference as our President Level Sponsor. I look forward to learning from them.”

Rivalry and Education

Co-founder Meni Sarris talks about rivalries. How they can motivate us to our full potential and how they are healthy for higher education.

Do you want better performance from your website? Treat it like an employee

I’ve been able to take part in a lot of website re-designs. A total website redesign is the result of a failure. I say that as someone who enjoys being a part of redesigns. Realizing the failure and working to fix it is great. Repeating this process of building a new website, getting a few good years out of it, letting it decline until it’s obsolete and starting over again - not so great. How do you interrupt the cycle? Treat your website like an employee.

James Madison University Selects SpurCG for Marketing Optimization Project

After the introductory meeting, it was clear to O&E that working with SpurCG was exactly what we needed to help us develop a marking plan for our unit. Within no time, we had a clear and well thought out proposal from Guy that fit our needs, and I’m happy to say that work has already begun on a strategic marking plan.

Carol Fleming, Assistant Dean

Why "to be forthright" is one of our brand promises

What does it mean for you? You know that friend who (nicely) doesn’t mince words? We’ll tell you exactly what we think – clearly, directly and succinctly – and not shy away from the truth because we’re afraid of how it might be received.

March Madness is here!

I don’t have a strong connection the schools I went to, so this is a nice way to get in the spirit of March Madness. On any given day, you might see me sporting Virginia Tech colors or maybe University of Arizona. I just hope none of the schools I enjoy rooting for don’t meet in March because I have no idea who I would root for!

Consulting is job with a lot of "first days"

I used to think that I was hired because I knew what I was doing and was expected to come in and make a splash. I thought that the people hiring me were going to immediately trust me and let me do what I thought was best. It took me three, maybe even four, jobs to realize it doesn’t really work that way.

My first job in CE

Today was park district registration day for my girls. It brought me back the beginning of my path into CE at Harper College. When I started the program was called, Chill, but then got changed a few years later to InZone. I loved that job and the hundreds of people I worked with for the 9 years I was there.

How well do you know your region?

Almost everyday, I get emails about job openings in the city of Chicago that are somewhat related to education. What often surprises me the most are the educational centers and schools that exist that I have never heard of. These are the ones that are located on side streets or in hospitals or a mom and pop shop.